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The Usual Suspects

The detective Thriller "The Usual Suspects" became a classic in its style and still is on the list of the top 250 movies IMDb version. The film tells the story of a complicated investigation into the explosion of the ship, which had hidden drugs worth more than 90 million dollars. After the blast was found twenty-seven corpses and only two people were lucky enough to stay alive. The film occur in multiple time periods — in real time, where the surviving witness, a petty swindler nicknamed Loudmouth interrogates the FBI agent Kujan, and as in the past, which shows the events leading up to the Crime.

Past events revolve around several characters: former police officer, had served time and returned to the fair life Dean Keaton, unbalanced, but charming fraudster Michael Mcmanus and his team-mate, Fred machopodobnogo Fenstera, as well as mysterious personalities Todd Hockney, lawyer Kobayashi and minor offender Boltuna. As investigation agent Kujan realizes that this case is very unusual, because it, in addition to several suspects figuriuet dangerous and powerful gangster Kaiser Sousa, which have never been seen in the eyes.

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