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A Brilliant Young Mind

In its early years, the main protagonist of the film "A Brilliant Young Mind" is a teenager Nathan Alice is very much different from their peers, and not only because is not interested in girls and partying, not keen on some fashionable hobby, and not even the fact that a large part of time he prefers to give science. Vicious youngster loves math and is a kind of mathematical genius, and among the many numbers where it is more comfortable than in society with people.

Concerned parents leads to Nathan survey that confirms its singularity. The boy found the signs of autism, which greatly complicate his life, socially and emotionally. The death of his father leads Nathan to further isolation. Only mathematics teacher Martin Humphries, helps the boy to prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad in the British team. That's just the event and pleases and scares Nejtona, which absolutely cannot imagine how to interact with other people.

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