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Karl Kasper is considered one of the most famous chefs in Los Angeles. For a long time he worked in one of the city's best restaurants, but the spirit of freedom and quarrelsome nature played a cruel joke with him. Having failed to find a common language with restaurant critic, Karl lost his post. And that after he fair and so many years around their hands served restaurant owners! Henceforth the former famed chef turned into ordinary unemployed oburevaemogo inferiority complex. And while Carl is in a deep depression and is committed to constantly feels sorry for himself, his energetic wife finds it a good way out of this situation.

It offers a restaurant open to Charles on wheels. Buy truck, equip it properly and begin to travel across America, selling their meals to everyone who wants it. Isn't it a wonderful outlet for such a culinary artist, what is Karl Kasper? From now on he can cook only what he himself considers it necessary and ignore no matter whose criticism. Together with his son and an old friend he sits behind the wheel of a Truck Madness! and embarks on a journey across the country. Soon Karl confirms that is capable of much more than one old truck.

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