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November Criminals

Addison did not refer to those people who stayed for days over textbooks, and in the rest of the time wondering about what will do in the future, hoping that they will come out to get a good education, then they will be able to find work, which will be regularly bring them big money. This young man had lived today, he occasionally uportrebljal drugs, but not very fond of them, but willingly walked toWard the people who wanted to buy from him a pill. Addison well earned illicit drugs, he lacked the money he received for it, but he wanted to share with someone your success. When his choice fell on Phoebe, he began to spend a lot of time with her.

This girl did not protest against the activities of Jeddisona, she just enjoyed his company. The hero maintained friendly relationships with many guys and girls, and with Kevin he was a long time ago. This young man worked in a café where sold to everyone, no fees, and coffee, and when one day, Addison came to this place with Phoebe and spread a few words with Kevin, he could not think that saw this guy last time. Kevin someone killed, and police only shrugged shoulders, thinking that the death of this young man some blame for the gang. Addison was a different opinion, he poskandalil a couple of times with cops, alleging that they didn't do anything, then decided to begin its investigation. Many people have begun to discourage him to wade into this, insisting that the hero was not the desired experience in such cases, moreover, he risked his life, making the place where there was no place for adolescents. Addison to anybody not listened, he really was in mortal danger.

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