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The Bling Ring

The lives of famous people are very attracted to "mere mortals" and seems to be a luxurious tale that has everything you want. But to get into elite society, home to the star is not so easy, especially when you haven't graduated from high school. Wanting to diversify boring school weekdays, five teenagers have come up with a new entertainment-loot homes of celebrities.

Sneaking in rich mansions in the Hollywood Hills company not just having fun, trying on gorgeous things celebrities and takes your favorite things myself, "memory", but also makes the photo of their Adventures, and lays out in social networks. In a short period of time the kids had time to clean out the House several times, a glamorous blonde Paris Hilton, as well as the homes of Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, and other Hollywood celebrities, thereby approaching the elite society. However, for such entertainment need to be responsible and it will not be as rosy.

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