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Godzilla is ancient alpha predator. He is invited to the island and there is a plan to finish that creature with the help of nuclear bomb. In the year 1999, scientists Ishiro Srizawa, viiennne Graham are working on Project Monarch. They are investigating a colossal skeleton found in the Philippines. During their investigation, they come across two massive spores- one of which is dormant and another seems to be hatched successfully and then moved toWards the sea.

The Janiira nuclear power plant in Japan is sensed with abnormal seismic movements. Joe Bordy the supervisor orders his wife and technicians to take toll of the reactor’s situation. Suddenly a huge tremor creates some breach in the reactor and all the getways are closed. Joe’s wife and the entire technicians team gets detained inside the reactor. The entire plant gets collapsed due to the tremors. Movie leaps fifteen years ahead where Ford – Joe’s son has become a navy officer.

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