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Edge of Tomorrow

In the year 2014 Mimics – the extraterrestrial alien race take over the Europe continent. Then we see the year 2019 when NATO decides to attack the invaders. The War starts and United Defence force (UDF) fighting for NATO can won the War only at Verdun. They also manage to stop the aliens near the English Channel. General Brigham is the chief of UDF.

He gives orders to Major William Cage to keep the operation Downfall a secret during which many amphibious are assaulted in the country of France. William Cage is the minister of public affairs and does not carry any experience of War. Major Cage puts his objection on the assignments and get worried what will happen if the landing fails. He also threats Brigham that he will put all the blame on him if he fails. Brigham gives orders to arrest Cage but Cage tries to escape beforehand. But he is arrested and out on the Heathrow airport’s base.

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