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The Expendables 3

The team Expendables has a leader named Barney Ross. This team has been formed by Lee Christmas, Gunner Jensen and Toll Road. One of the former team member with name Doctor Death is a team doctor and a specialist to have all knowledge about knies has run from military prison. The new recruit is supposed to help them with a batch of bombs they are going to receive from Somalis. When the reach there, they meet Hale Caesar and he shows them the drop points.

There Ross can find Conrad Stonebanks a team member of Expendables whom they have assumed as dead. He is seen trading the guns with local traders. In the firing and fighting scene, the team Expendable kills all the Stonebanks team members but Stonebank is saved. Stonebanks has all kind of advance weapons and he attacks the team with all of them. the team Expendable has to retreat as an effect. Caesar gets shoot twice by Stonebanks.

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