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The Hangover Part III

The movie begins with Alan Garner, who is known for his immature behavior and he never accepts his mistakes. His father dies of heart attack and that’s when Alan gets out of control because he has stopped taking his ADHD medications. Doug Billings, who is Alan’s brother in law informs about Alan’s behavior to his friends Phil Wenneck and Stu Price.

They decide to send him to the rehabilitation center in Arizona. Alan agrees to go to the rehab center, but he wants “the Wolfpack” to take him there. But on their way, they are stopped by a truck and are taken to Marshall and Black Doug. Marshall wants the group to get Chow, a criminal who has escaped the prison, as Chow has hijacked million dollar gold heist. Knowing that Alan is the only one who can communicate with Chow, He sends them on a mission to locate Chow and get the gold back to him.

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