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Midnight in Paris

On the one hand in the picture "Midnight in Paris" free humour, celebrities, the family relations allowing to watch film together with children, and on the other hand it is very noticeable how it is beaten out from the line of pictures "Woody Allen of a new wave". First of all it was promoted by the finest shootings and the scenario, and already then performers of roles, except those actors who play roles of the characters who are standardly considered as "key heroes".

Neither Wilson Owen, nor Mac-Adams Rachelle who played newlyweds in Paris, didn't represent anything of that kind that it was possible at least to try to understand – as Ines and Gil , their characters, in general could reach before to think as if the friend in the friend are in love. Two persons in anything not similar, each other inattentive which have to according to the scenario "on love to get married" are represented.

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