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Donald Cried

In the past the hero of the movie Donald cried Peter was on friendly terms with Donald. Being teenagers, guys smoked a grass in the secluded town of an industrial zone, were fond of rock music. Passed years St. Petersburg became the financier, lives in New York. But when his grandmother died, the man had to return to the native State of Rhode Island on a funeral and to settle business with sale of the family house. In the train it lost a purse therefore decided to borrow money for a way back from the old friend.

He appeared, after school Donald's life almost didn't change: it will continue to live in a garret of the house of parents, smokes a grass in their secret corner, as well as earlier, with enthusiasm listens to performances of favourite bands. St. Petersburg didn't leave. Having remained in the native town for one day, he made a trip to the fine past the reminiscence about which changed the present. Christopher Avedisyan's Drama – a full-length director's debut of the cinematographer which critics call one of the brightest independent film projects

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